How to Talk to a Crush You Haven’t Spoken to in a Long Time (for Guys)



Send her a text bringing up a connection that you share.,
Be direct in your text, and tell her you have been thinking about her.,
Send her a text that is funny or silly.,
Keep your text conversation going.,
Suggest getting together to catch up more.,
Make new connections with her.

Remind her of something that connected you in the past to test the waters. Be confident in your connection, and you can ask her a question related to your question as well.

For example, you could say, “Hey, I saw the Lakers play yesterday, and I remember how you like them. How have you been? Did you see the game??”

, You can still bring up a connection that you have without having to give a reason behind why you texted. However, don’t bring up anything heavy from the past to break the ice.

Say something like, “Hey, I have been thinking about you lately and all of our fun conversations last summer. How have you been?”

, Because studies show that girls like guys more if they find them funny, humor is always a smart way to go when you are talking with girls. You can reference an inside joke that you had or ask her a question as a joke.

For example, say something silly like “How long has it been since we ate that giant tamale?”

, After you have broke the ice, you can ask her questions about how she has been and respond with interest. Try to approximately match the length of texts that she sends you and wait time. For example, don’t text her back within a minute with three texts if she answered you with a line or two of text a couple of hours after you texted.

Ask follow up questions like, “I didn’t know that you were working at a new restaurant. That’s cool! How do you like it?”

, If she has been responding to your texts with friendly texts back, you should ask her if she wants to get together and catch up in person. If you ask her to get together, suggest an activity that you two could do together.

, Instead of doing what you have done before, try doing new things and going to new places. If you usually get together and eat, for example, try going somewhere new. Go to a new neighborhood to eat, or make food at your house.

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