How to Talk to a Crush Before It’s Too Late and He/She Has Someone



Wait for a chance during a free period when your crush is crowded around a teacher with other people, randomly walk up to them, but not too close to him/her.,
Ask the teacher something random, or engage in a minor conversation with the teacher.,
Ask someone else (particularly one of your crush’s friends) something random.,
Continue to talk to the friend.,
Remember, if you want to talk with your crush, and want to be their friend, then don’t be shy!,
Continue to find connections between you and your crush.,
Get to know their parent’s too.,
Once you become great friends, your crush may feel comfortable answering personal questions.,
If you start dating, let people know!

, That way, your crush will be looking at either you or the teacher. Either way, it’s in your general direction.

, If they give you an honest answer, then you have their attention.

, If you are still feeling shy, then talk to a different friend. Ask them subtly about your crush, what he/she likes, and what they do. Now, you know what they like, and you may find a connection between them and you. Maybe you both enjoy the same music or something.

, Talk directly to them with a smile, and be yourself. Don’t share anything really weird that you may do with your crush, though. If it’s something like eating toothpaste in your spare time, then he may not want to know you very well.

, Talk to each other frequently, and don’t be afraid to ask them some questions. Maybe you could plan a get-together at your house or theirs. This will build an even deeper foundation in a relationship, if you hang out a bit.

, The parents may either like you or hate you. You, of course, want the first choice. Talk with them about school, or how they have such a lovely kitchen. However, if it’s not a lovely kitchen, don’t mention it.

, Don’t just throw these questions out, though. And never say “I love you” at this time. Only when you both feel romantic may you say something like “You’re really pretty/handsome.”

, Don’t be afraid to say,”I like them, and he/she likes me!”

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