How to Talk to a Boy You Admire from Afar



Send cues of interest.,
Be confident.,
Approach him with his group of friends.,
Create an opportunity.,
Introduce yourself.,
Make small talk.,
Get acquainted with his interests.,
Give him a compliment.,
Volunteer personal things about yourself.,
Flirt with him.,
Suggest that you two hang out.

When you see your crush, grab his gaze and hold it. Smile at him. Hold that look for a few seconds and then look away. Repeat it again and if he’s interested he’ll mirror your cues.

Use the flick technique: Meet his eyes, let your gaze fall to his mouth, and then lift them so that your eyes meet his again. Pair that with a coy grin.When you know he’s watching you, play with your hair a little. This lets him know that you notice him noticing you.;
, Fake it till you make it. The more you allow yourself to relax into the situation and feel comfortable with it, the more confident you will seem. Confidence is an aphrodisiac for men so use it generously.

Don’t fidget with or hide your hands as its often a sign of nervousness. Place them on your hips or leave them out in the open to promote better posture and signal to him that you are open.
Keep your chin up and eyes level at all times, even as you walk to project confidence.
Take care of your appearance. Groom with products that leave you smelling good and feeling good: like conditioners, lotions, fragrances, etc. Pay attention to the details.

, He’ll remember you from your back and forth looks. Comment offhandedly about something in class or make a joke. This takes the pressure off an initial one-on-one encounter and can feel a lot more organic than the individual approach attempt.

, If you’re feeling brave, approach him directly. If not, make approaching him more comfortable by setting the scene. The setup will provide the icebreaker you need to get the conversation going.

Bump into him and apologize frantically. Place your hand in your hair and laugh at yourself for running into him.
Drop something, like a book or a pen, as you walk past him. He will either run after you to return it to you or you can retrieve it yourself and explain that you are clumsy.

, This will always be the boldest move because it’s direct, straightforward, and lacks the presence of games. The simplest thing to say is: “Hi, I’m Ashley, what’s your name?”If in-person introductions intimidate you, create an indirect approach to introducing yourself.
Add him on Facebook or Instagram. Message him directly by giving your name and telling him where he might know you from (school or work). Tell him you have noticed him from afar and have been dying to talk to him and let him know your name.
Direct message him on Twitter introducing yourself as his classmate or coworker Ashley. Use your shyness to your advantage by saying that he makes you so shy in person that Twitter messaging became the next best thing to hello.
Get his number from a mutual friend. This one is a little risky because a lot of people do not like to have their numbers handed out if it is not from them directly, but if you make up a good excuse, you might be able to make this move work in your favor. Apologize for having his number and tell him that you missed notes in class, heard he would have them, and really need it to study for an upcoming test. This looks more proactive, less crazy, so if you’re going to text him, make sure you have a reason and take the conversation from there.

, Light topics will always be easier to expound upon into deeper topics later. Ask about the weather or ask if he went to the school’s last game. Ask him how he’s doing today or what he’s up to.

”What kind of day are you having?”
”What are you studying?”
”Where do you work?”
”What are you doing later?”

, Ask questions that are open-ended and lead to him describing his likes and dislikes, his passions, and his interests. Listen to his responses more than you speak. ”What kind of movies do you like? What are your favorites?”
”What do you like to read in your spare time?”
”What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?”
”Where do you plan to travel to this year?”
”What’s one thing that you’re really, really good at?”

, Men like praise and appreciation as much as women do. The act itself puts into words your interest in him. Slip into the conversation organically and limit the compliments to a couple at a time.If he smiles while you’re talking: “You have an incredible smile.”
If he laughs at something funny: “Your laugh is music.”
If he has a great sense of humor: “You are really funny.”
If you like what he’s wearing: “You have really great style.”
If you want to mention his looks but not directly, wait for him to do something that’s cute, like talking about a hobby passionately: “You’re so cute.”

, Make things feel less formal and less like an interview by making conversation a two-way street. If he asks questions about you because he’s interested and wants to know more, answer honestly and confidently.

Connect a shared passion or interest with a personal story to deepen the emotional connection between you two.
Allow him to get to know who you are and decide if he likes what he likes.

, Stare in his eyes intensely. Use body language to show him your interest. Touch him lightly on the arm or accidentally touch his leg, knees, or feet with yours.

, Now that momentum has been made with creating a foundation for friendship, see if there’s more there by hanging out one-on-one in a more intimate setting. Connection continues to build the more you bond through shared activities.Grab a bite to eat somewhere just the two of you.
Find a less pressured date setting by going hiking or doing something active like racquetball.
Consider volunteering together to build houses or feed the hungry.

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