How to Take Care of Your Long Haired Maine Coon



Brush your Maine Coon’s coat daily.,
Brush your Maine Coon carefully.,
Deal with knots carefully.,
Check for injuries when grooming.,
Minimize hairballs.

A Maine Coon’s long coat requires daily care. While many house cats can get by with weekly or no brushing, a Maine Coon requires daily brushing for its health and comfort. Make time to give your cat a daily brushing., Strive to start brushing a Maine Coon when it is relaxed. This way, the experience will be calm for both of you.Start by brushing your cat’s abdomen and legs. From there, you can brush the neck, chin, and tail. With a longhaired cat, you want to brush upward.
Reward your Maine Coon with a treat or praise for behaving during a grooming session. You want your cat to come to look forward to being brushed, as brushing will occur each day.

, You may see knots or mats in your Maine Coon’s fur. This is common with long-haired cats. If you see a mat or knot, it can easily be addressed with talcum powder.Sprinkle a small amount of talcum powder on a brush or mat.
Then, use your fingers to gently separate the fur.

, Grooming is an excellent time to check for any unusual changes in your cat’s body. When brushing your Maine Coon, run your hands along your Maine Coon’s body to check for injuries or unusual bumps or lumps. You should also look for common pests, like fleas and ticks.If you notice any unusual changes in your Maine Coon’s coat, see a veterinarian for evaluation.

, Most long-haired cats are vulnerable to hairballs. Hairballs are rarely a serious medical concern, but you can take measure to reduce their severity for your Maine Coon’s comfort.Look for a cat food formula designed to reduce hairballs.
Make sure your Maine Coon drinks plenty of water. Keeping the water bowl away from the food bowl can help, as cats are hesitant to drink water near their food due to instincts. In the wild, an animal would not eat near water because they fear contamination.
Keep your Maine Coon active. A healthy cat has a smoother coat, which can cut down on hairballs.

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