How to Take Care of Your Long Haired Maine Coon



Keep your cat indoors.,
Make sure you maintain a clean litter box.,
Give your Maine Coon plenty of attention.,
Monitor your Maine Coon’s interaction with children.

Maine Coons are susceptible to many dangers, like cars or predators, when they go outdoors. In addition to this, Maine Coons are a large and beautiful breed that are expensive to purchase. While it’s rare, people do steal Maine Coons they see outdoors. For your cat’s safety, keep it as an indoor cat only., A clean litter box is important to any cat. Maine Coons in particular, due to their long hair, require a clean litter box. Debris from litter can easily get caught in their fur, so clean your litter box daily.Each day, scoop any feces or clumps of urine out of the litter box and add a small amount of fresh litter.Swap the litter out completely once every two to three weeks. When you do so, make sure to scrub out the inside of the box and let it dry before replacing the litter.

, Maine Coons are one of the most social cat breeds. They do not do well without daily attention. Make sure to give your Maine Coon plenty of love to keep it happy.Maine Coons may follow you around. You can pet them on occasion, but if you’re busy they’re generally happy to observe you. It’s a good idea to pet them and snuggle at the end of the day, when you have time.
In addition to keeping your cat active, playing can help you bond with your Maine Coon.

, Maine Coons, due to their friendly demeanor, generally do well with young children. However, interaction should be supervised. Maine Coons are tolerant of children, as long as kids are taught to handle them gently.Encourage your kids to treat your cat with respect. Let them know they should only handle your cat when it comes to them and should not attempt to grab or restrain a Maine Coon.
Young children may sometimes try to dress up an animal, or place it in a toy like a toy high chair or stroller. Maine Coons are more tolerant of this behavior than many house cats, but you should still keep an eye on your kids when they play with your Maine Coon. Make sure the cat does not seem aggressive or frightened during play.

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