How to Take Care of Outdoor Exotic Animals



Make a living space for them.,
Get feeding supplies.,
Secure the area.,
Buy a water tank.,
Be prepared to clean droppings.,
Don’t forget to love them!,
Finally, have overall common sense!

Not only do you need to make a nice living space for your animals before you even get them; but you need to follow and, most often, exceed local or federal laws about minimally required spaces for each species.

Depending on the type of exotic pet, find an empty pasture or clear a space on your property that’s about one acre long. Fence the area and remove any hazardous items. Buy or make a gate for the front of the pasture. Then build a shelter for them to sleep and escape from rain, hail, snow and other adverse weather conditions. Make sure it’s the right height, especially for a llama! a good house for an exotic animal is about 10 feet (3.0 m) by ten feet. Several animals can fit in it! It’s easier to make it a three-sided house so you don’t have to mess with a door.;
, This includes a place to store the food, like a new metal trash can, something to carry the food in, like a pitcher, and a hay feeders with several areas for eating with trays underneath to put the food in. You can make one yourself or buy one at a farm store.

, Buy a padlock and secure the gate on the pasture. Always keep the key in the same place, and check the lock after each time you feed the animals.

, Make sure it doesn’t have any cracks or holes in it, rinse it out with a hose, and watch your animals sip their drinks! These should be emptied of contaminated water away from feeding areas, scrubbed clean all over with a small amount of bleach and a stiff brush, rinsed until you can no longer taste or smell any trace of bleach or fecal matter whatsoever, and refilled with clean, pure water.

, Clean the droppings out of the pasture, animal housing, common areas and, especially, feeding areas daily with a rake and snow shovel, dumping it into a wheelbarrow. Then rinse any wooden or paved areas with water and squeegee the area dry. Don’t make your animal(s) sleep or live on wet floors no matter what the season. Clear away all food left out the previous day from all areas before putting out fresh food and water. Carefully clean all water containers that might have gotten droppings, food, or other contamination in them.

, Pet them every day and give them hugs and kisses. Gently brush their fur and feed them out of your hand. Make sure your animal(s) have lots of safe, interesting toys and other enrichment like new things to smell or play with everyday. Don’t leave enrichment with an animal for more than 3 -4 days at a time and clean all toys, etc. thoroughly with a small amount of bleach, lots of water, and a stiff brush before storing it or giving it to any other animal. Caring for exotic animals of any species is very hard work but, when done with dedication and love can be a great experience for you and your animals.

, If it bites, approach it carefully.

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