How to Take Care of Ducks



House your ducks in a secure pen.,
Provide your ducks with a small shed.,
Lay rice hulls or straw inside of the ducks’ shed.,
Lock the door to your ducks’ house.

Ducks require a safe structure to live in. An enclosure or pen will keep them from wandering (or flying) away from your house and allow them a measure of safety. You can erect a suitable enclosure using chicken wire or another fencing material. If the ducks will be spending their days in this pen, it should provide 1.5 square meters (16 square feet) of space per duck.Most commercially grown ducks are too heavy to fly far, and will stay near sources of food and water.To be on the safe side, however, be sure to put a layer of fencing material over the top of the duck pen, so that they don’t fly away.
If you don’t already have an erected enclosure, you should be able to find all of the necessary components (at minimum: chicken wire and fence posts) at your local hardware or home-supply store.;
, This shed should be located inside of the pen or enclosure, and should be stable enough to provide ducks with protection from wind and inclement elements. Make sure that the shed has firm, stable walls which are opaque and can provide the ducks with shade on sunny days.If the ducks will be sleeping in the shed, it should provide 0.5 square meters (5 square feet) of space per duck.
Since ducks defecate frequently, the housing shed needs to be well ventilated.

, Good care is required in this area if you would like your ducks to remain healthy. Be sure to give them new hay or straw at least once a week. This material will serve as your ducks’ bedding and also as a surface for them to walk on.You should be able to purchase rice hulls or straw at a farm-supply store.

, Be sure that the ducks will not be able to open the lock and get out of their house. Also, be sure that other animals won’t be able to get into their home and eat the ducks or their eggs. However, make sure that the lock is easy to open and close when you enter and exit their house.

If you prefer not to purchase a lock for the door of the ducks’ shed, try pushing a heavy stone at the bottom of the door.

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