How to Take Care of Ducks



Allow your ducks to socialize.,
Give your ducks daily access to a body of water.,
Allow your ducks to forage in a garden.,
Provide your ducks with toys to play with.

Ducks are highly social animals, and will become lonely, sad, and unhealthy if deprived of other ducks’ company. Give your ducks plenty of time during the day to socialize, eat, and (if they’re juveniles) play together.If you’re acquiring ducks for the first time, never adopt just one. Always buy or adopt at least two ducks so they can keep one another company.

If you’re adopting the ducks as young ducklings, it will be challenging to identify the gender of the ducks. If you’re hoping for a male and female pairing, you may be disappointed.

, While ducks do need water to drink and eat their food with, they also need a deeper body of water to groom themselves in. Ducks love to swim and it keeps them clean. If the ducks don’t already have a small pond or lake within their enclosure, you can shepherd them to a nearby pond on your property.Ducks will also groom themselves in available water in order to keep their feathers, bills, eyes, and other body parts clean. Consequently, the water set out needs to be deep enough for them to fully submerge themselves in.
The pond or body of water should be at least 8 inches (20 cm) deep. While a small plastic “kiddie” pool will technically fulfill the ducks’ needs, they will be able to exercise more if given a larger pool or actual pond to swim in.

, If you have a garden near your house, you can let your ducks freely roam through it. Ducks enjoy eating grass found in gardens, and will also root around in your mulch to find worms and insect larvae. This will supplement the ducks’ diet, satisfy their natural curiosity, and provide them with entertainment.On the other hand, if you don’t want ducks to get into your garden and eat greens and vegetables, you may need to erect a fence around the garden to keep inquisitive ducks out.

, Ducks are intelligent and naturally curious, and will be interested in playing with small objects. Set a small stuffed animal or a ball inside the ducks’ enclosure, and over time, they’ll start to pick up and play with the toy. If you want to play with the ducks, try rolling a toy ball towards them.Make sure that any toys you provide are safe for the ducks to play with. Don’t give them any toys that have small parts that the ducks may swallow.

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