How to Take Care of a Singapura Cat



Take your Singapura in for regular veterinary checkups.,
Feed your Singapura high-quality food.,
Provide clean drinking water.,
Have your cat desexed.,
Keep your Singapura indoors.,
Comb your cat occasionally.,
Trim your cat’s nails.,
Inspect and clean your cat’s ears.,
Don’t bother with bathing.,
Clean your cat’s litter box regularly.,
Spend quality time with your cat.,
Give your cat enriching toys and furniture.

As with all pets, your Singapura needs regular veterinary care. Annual veterinary checkups allow for preventative care, such as vaccine administration, to be given, as well as the ability to catch health problems before they get too serious.

Discuss testing for problems common in Singapuras. They are generally healthy cats but the most common inherited disease they get is called pyruvate kinase deficiency. This is a condition that causes anemia in Singapura cats.When you first get a cat, take it in to get evaluated by a veterinarian.;
, Giving your Singapura quality cat food will keep to keep it healthy throughout its life. Since cats are strictly carnivores, quality cat food should consist mainly of animal tissue. Take a look at the ingredient list of a food you are considering and make sure that meat or seafood, or their byproducts, are the first couple of ingredients. This will help you make sure you are purchasing a high-quality food.Consult with your veterinarian for suggestions about what type and brand of food to give your cat.
Avoid cat foods that are made mostly of grains. A cat’s biology is not made to process grains.
Also make sure that you think about your cat’s age when picking out a type of food. Cat food is formulated differently for kittens, adults, and seniors, based on their specific nutritional needs.

, You should provide clean and fresh drinking water for all cats. Singapuras can expend a lot of energy due to their curious and playful personalities, so they will need access to water so they don’t get dehydrated.Encourage your cat to drink water by having multiple water bowls in different locations throughout your home. You might also consider purchasing a water fountain bowl for your cat.
If your cat is not drinking a lot of water and looks dehydrated, discuss switching its food to wet food with the cat’s veterinarian. Giving the cat wet food can give it much needed water.

, In order limit the general pet population and to keep your cat healthy, it is important to get your cat desexed. Spaying or neutering your cat can improve their behavior, by eliminating spraying and sexual activity. It can also reduce the chances of mammary cancer in older female cats.Discuss the timeline for desexing with your veterinarian. It should typically be done when the cat is between three and six months old.

, While many people are hesitant to keep their cats indoors because they think it is cruel, it is actually more dangerous for a cat to let it outside. Cats that are let outside can be injured by cars or other animals, get diseases or parasites, or even ingest toxins. In order to avoid these hazards, it’s best to have your cat be an inside cat.The curious nature of Singapuras means that they can get into a lot of trouble when allowed to roam outside.
Keeping your Singapura inside increases its life expectancy and it helps to protect wildlife, in particular birds, from being killed by your cat.

, Singapura cats have short, smooth coats that need little maintenance. However, you may want to comb your cat once in a while to pull out shedded fur and to keep it off your furniture or floors.Many cats love the touch and attention that comes with combing.
Use a long-toothed metal comb to comb your Singapura. These are commonly sold at pet supply stores.

, It is important to trim your Singapura’s nails so that it doesn’t tear up your furniture or snag a nail and damage its paw. Hold the cat’s paw in one hand and use cat nail trimmers, or human nail trimmers, to trim off the very end of the cat’s nails with the other hand. Trimming back further could result in you hitting the quick, the vein inside the nail. This will cause bleeding and pain for the cat. Some veterinary offices offer regular nail trims performed by a technician for a low cost.If you are uncomfortable trimming your cat’s nails, you can take it to a groomer that is experienced grooming cats. You can also ask your veterinary provider to trim your cat’s nails when you bring it in for another issue.

, Because the Singapura’s ears are so prominent, they tend to get dirt and debris in them. While the cat may spend some time cleaning its ears, you can help by inspecting them regularly and cleaning out any dirt or debris that you see.

You need to be careful when cleaning a cat’s ears. Use a commercial product that is designed for cleaning the ears of cats and follow the directions on the packaging carefully.
Never place a cotton swab or other item in your cat’s ear canal. This can cause serious damage. Only clean the external portion of the ear.

, Singapura cats rarely need bathing, unless you are exhibiting one in a cat show. If you do need to bathe one, such as if it gets covered in something sticky, then it simply needs to be towel dried, not blown dry. This cat’s short coat will dry quickly on its own.

, In order to keep your cat happy and healthy you need to give it a clean place to relieve itself. Put the cat’s litter box in an easily accessible location and clean it daily. This is a very important part of providing the right environment for your cat.You should also be sure to use a litter box and litter that your cat likes.

, Singapura cats are very social creatures that love interacting with their people. This means that they will require a lot of love and attention. If you have a Singapura it is likely that you spend a lot of quality time with them because they demand it.Singapuras love to play with their people. Get a string toy or laser toy and spend some time playing with your cat often.

, Although Singapuras are very people focused, they also like to play and run around with cat toys and on cat structures. Provide your cat with a variety of toys they can run after, such as bell balls, and furniture they can climb on, such as a cat tower.Singapuras can be very curious, which means that they will explore every inch of your home. Give them lots of stimulating toys in order to minimize this curiosity, which can get them into trouble occasionally.
Intelligent, curious cats like the Singapura benefit from puzzle toys. These are interactive toys that require the cat to solve a problem in order to get a treat. This offers great mental stimulation for your Singapura.
The Singapura’s life can also be enriched by having other cats to run around and play with.

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