How to Take Care of a Scottish Fold



Provide it with a variety of toys.,
Play with it daily.,
Provide a companion.

Because Scottish folds are intelligent, puzzle and teaser toys are a great choice. You can also keep your cat entertained with ping-pong balls, cardboard boxes, and crumpled pieces of paper. Make sure the toys you choose are safe and cat friendly.Avoid toys that contain feathers, cords, strings, and ribbons, and toys that contain small pieces that can be chewed off and ingested.
Throw away and replace damaged toys.

, Scottish folds love human interaction and they love to spend quality time with their humans. Therefore, provide your cat with daily attention and affection. You can do this by brushing or petting it, or by playing with it for at least 30 minutes a day., Scottish folds do not like being left alone. If you are gone most of the day because of work and other obligations, then you may need to get another cat to provide your Scottish fold with some company.Because Scottish folds are dog-friendly cats, you could even get a dog to keep your cat company while you are away from home.

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