How to Take Care of a Javanese Cat



Devote time to it.,
Train your cat.,
Give it things to jump onto.,
Buy your cat puzzle toys.

Javanese cats are incredibly social and very inclined to be around people, often involving themselves in whatever they are doing. To care for a Javanese you must be willing to spend quality time with your cat when you are at home. Be prepared for a Javanese cat to shadow you, sit in your lap at any opportunity, sleep next to you at night, and copy your actions (opening cupboard doors, for example)., The Javanese is a highly intelligent and energetic breed that can be trained to fetch and walk on a leash. Attempt training just before mealtime, when your cat will be alert and eager. Use treats as a reward for when your cat retrieves a toy for you or allows you to attach its harness without struggling.To get your cat to fetch, dangle the object in front of it (e.g. a toy mouse), toss it onto the ground in front of you, and call your cat back to you if it picks up the toy. The process will require patience, and trial and error. Once your cat brings the toy back to you (however long it takes), reward it with a treat and praise, and keep up the process to solidify the training.

, Javanese cats are lean and athletic enough to jump onto tall furniture with great ease. To minimize your cat’s inclination to leap onto the refrigerator, tall dressers, or door tops, provide it with other options. Purchase a tall cat perch from a pet store, or set up a high-up hangout on a counter top or sturdy dresser with a small cat bed, comfortable pillow, or soft blanket.To make these spots appealing to your cat, spray them with catnip spray.

, Javanese cats are highly energetic and curious, and can get into to trouble if they are bored or left without entertainment for too long. Purchase puzzle toys online at your local pet store to keep your pet entertained when you are out or busy. Place treats inside the puzzle toys (which are usually made from either pet-safe cardboard or plastic), and leave them for your cat to play with and slowly extract their reward from.To keep your cat engaged and entertained, buy puzzle feeders in a variety of shapes and colors.

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