How to Take Care of a Hamster That is Giving Birth



Give her extra water.,
Feed her a high protein diet.,
Do not hold or handle the mother.,
Place the cage in a quiet room.

When you notice the mother drinking a lot more water than usual, this is a sign that she will be having her babies soon. Therefore, make sure her water bottle is always full. You can also provide extra water by hanging another water bottle in her cage.

, When the hamster mother is close to having her babies, she will also be eating more than usual. She eats more than usual because she wants to ensure that she has enough energy for the labor process. Therefore, make sure her food bowl is always stocked. It is also important to supplement her diet with extra nutrients, i.e., food that is high in protein, to help her with the pregnancy.Here are some foods that you can supplement her diet with:Scrambled egg whites
Chicken or tofu
Bread soaked in skim milk

, When the time for having her babies is near, the mother might become unusually aggressive. So, unless it is absolutely necessary, try not to handle or hold the mother during this time. If you do, she might bite you to let you know she is uncomfortable with being held., Make sure the cage is in a quiet room, away from any loud noises in the house. Loud noises can stress and disturb the mother during and after birth, which can cause her to harm her babies.

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