How to Take Care of a Bengal Cat



Give your Bengal a chance to climb.,
Give the Bengal mental stimulation so it doesn’t get into trouble.,
Have fun with your Bengal!,
Help the Bengal to bond with all members of the household.

Bengals love to climb and the higher they get the happier they are. If you don’t give them suitable things to climb on, they will find things for themselves, such as your curtains.

A floor-to-ceiling cat gym is ideal, with lots of platforms and nest boxes. In fact if you have one in every room so much the better. Place one cat gym beside a window, so your Bengal can climb and watch birds through the window at the same time, which he or she will hugely enjoy.

, Provide plenty of toys, and be sure to have a minimum of twice daily play sessions, lasting at least 10 minutes (or until the cat gets tired). Bengals are intelligent and extremely energetic so you need to provide an outlet for all that pent up hunting behavior. Neglect this and the cat is likely to find its own amusement by shredding your best furniture.

The Bengal is highly intelligent and adept at problem solving. This means he or she may work out how to open the food cupboard, or even the fridge. Be prepared to fit child locks on doors where there is anything that could harm the cat (such as cleaning products) or where there is food.

, Playing with your cat can provide hours of entertainment for you, and your Bengal. These cats love attention, so the more, the merrier! They also love to sleep with their “parents” so, let ’em snuggle up to you at night! Bengals only live 12-18 years average, so make the most out of each day with your cat.

Play time with kitties is always important! Cats love anything moving. Get a feather on a string, and move it slowly on the ground. This will make your Bengal think it is alive. Move it slowly, shaking it a little back in forth, until your Bengal pounces.

, Bengals have a tendency to become one-person cats and ignore everyone else. To avoid this, when you get the Bengal kitten, make sure all members of the house spend equal time playing with, feeding, and grooming the kitten. This will help the cat become equally familiar with everyone.

Consider giving your Bengal cat a friend to play with. Bengals have play fights in the middle of night, so if you don’t want a cat to bother you all night, get another cat. The second cat doesn’t have to be a Bengal. It can just be a stray, cat from the pound, or a cat you already own.

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