How to Take Action to Save Wolves



Donate to a wolf charity.,
Join an international wildlife charity.,
Adopt a wolf.

You can help to save wolves by supporting the work of national wildlife organisations and charities. There are number of campaign groups whose sole purpose is on protecting wolves and raising awareness of their plight. You will be able to find a number of these groups just by search for wolf protections charities, and “save the wolf.”You can choose to donate however much you can afford and are comfortable with.
You may opt for a direct debit, or to join an organisation via annual subscription.
Joining an organisation often means you receive news and updates on their campaigns, so it will be easier to keep track of the situation.

, There are also plenty of international wildlife charities who you can donate to. Big groups like the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have campaigns to protect wolves, so your donation can help make a difference. Research a few different organisations and choose the one most closely aligned to your views and priorities.

When you donate to a large wildlife charity, you won’t know what part of their work your money funds.
You may not be directly contributing the protection of wolves, but you will be helping support a charity that has a voice and can achieve a lot for wildlife.

, A fun way to donate to a campaign to save wolves is to adopt a wolf through an organisation, such as the WWF. The WWF have a wolf adoption scheme that you can participate in. You can choose different donation packages to “adopt a wolf.” Depending on how much you donate, $25, $55, $100 or $250, you will need a special wolf adoption pack.

The more you donate the more you get in your wolf gift pack.
The $25 pack gets you a photo of a wolf, an adoption certificate, and a species card.
If you donate more you will get a cuddly wolf toy, and your photo and certificate can be framed.

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