How to Take Action to Save Wolves



Talk to friends and family.,
Sign online petitions.,
Use social media to raise awareness.,
Contact your political representatives.,
Contact overseas politicians.

You can become an advocate for the protection of wolves simply by talking to people you know and convincing them that action needs to be taken to help save wolves. If you convince people you know to sign a petition, contact their political representatives, make a donation to a wildlife protection charity, or volunteer their time to help wolves, you have single-handedly made a difference.If you don’t have much spare money or time, just raising awareness amongst people you know and meet is a good way to take action.
Be sure you know the facts and can make a strong argument before you start trying to get people on board.

, A quick and easy way to show your support for the protection and preservation of wolves, is to sign an online petition. It is likely that there will be an active petition on one of the major online activism websites, such as or Search around online for petitions to help save wolves and sign up.If there is a specific threat to a wolf population, such as the Mexican Wolf, there may be specific petitions for this.
If you can’t find a petition you can always start your own.

, Social media has become a very popular way to try to raise awareness about causes, such as threats to wolves. If you have found an online petition or campaign you can support it by raising awareness through your social media accounts. Tweet, like and share information about campaigns to protect wolves to highlight the issues and encourage others to get involved.

Search for Facebook groups dedicated to promoting the protection of wolves and join them.
Look at the social media presence of key charities and organisations that work to protect wolves and see what “clicktivism” you can do to help.
You can use a hashtag to try to help an issue trend and receive more coverage. One popular hashtag is #savewolves.

, You can become a lobbyist for the protection of wolves by contacting your local political representatives and asking them to highlight the plight of wolves, and support any relevant initiatives and legislation. You can find the names and contact details of your political representatives via the official government website:

You can also get in touch with politicians in areas such as Minnesota where the wolf population is under threat., There are many parts of the world where wolf populations are in danger, and there is no reason why you should limit your advocacy to your home country. Online activism makes it easy to contact politicians all over the world and ask them to do all they call to help save wolves.

One example is the campaign to protect wolves in Lapland.
You can add your name to a statement criticising this and send it online.

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