How to Tack Up Using English Tack



Ensure that your horse is securely tied before bridling him.,
Bridle your horse.,
Slide the crownpiece over the ears.,
Attach the throat latch and noseband.,
Do a final safety check.,
You’re ready to get on and ride your horse!

There are multiple methods for doing this:

The safest and most secure method is to unbuckle your horse’s halter, take it off his nose, and slip it over his neck, with the halter still attached to a lead rope or one cross-tie.

You can also simply put the reins over the horses neck before removing the halter.

, Before bridling, check the bridle is straight and neat, and that the noseband and throatlash are unbuckled. You can then guide the bit into your horse’s mouth. There are two methods for doing this:

Hold the crownpiece at the top of your pony’s head, holding it in your right hand. Guide the bit in with your left hand.

You can also hold the bridle underneath the browband, with your right arm reaching underneath your pony’s head. Guide the bit in with your left hand.

If your horse will not take the bit, you can squeeze the side of his lip, or slide your finger in his mouth and press at the part of his mouth without teeth. (If you aren’t sure where this is, ask someone to help you!)

, Slide it gently over one ear at a time, being careful not to bend them too hard.

, The throat latch should be loose enough to fit your fist between the latch and his throat. The noseband should be loose enough to fit a finger between it and the horse’s skin.

, Check that all your horse’s tack is snug, clean, and in good condition (don’t ride with broken or very dirty tack!). Ensure that all straps are in their keepers, and aren’t too loose or too tight. Run up your stirrups before mounting. Before you mount, tighten the girth.

If you’re an inexperienced rider, always ask your instructor or another experienced rider to give you a safety check before riding.

Remember to take the reins over your horse’s head before leading him.


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