How to Tack Up Using English Tack



Put on your horse’s saddle pad.,
Pick up the saddle and set the saddle on horse’s back.,
Attach the girth.

Place it in front of the withers, and slide it a little bit back until it’s two or three inches in front of where you’ll place the saddle. Remember not to slide the saddle pad forward, since this irritates your horse’s skin.

Always use a clean, soft, dry saddle pad, not a dirty or stiff one. You should launder your saddle pad about once every week.;
, Be careful to put the saddle on gently. Check that it sits comfortably on the horse, and isn’t too far forward or too far back on either side. You can feel along your horse’s shoulder bone to check that it isn’t too far forward or pinching. Finally, attach the straps on the saddle pad to your saddle’s billets.

After saddling your horse, pull the saddle pad up into the gullet of the saddle. This secures the pad and prevents it from rubbing uncomfortably against the horse.

, The girth should be snug enough to hold the saddle on and in place, but not so tight that it’s pinching or restricting your horse. A well-fitted girth should have enough space to snugly fit two fingers (flat) in between the girth and the horse.

Remember to attach the girth to the first and last billets of the saddle.

Some horses “blow up,” or suck in air so that the girth won’t fit tightly. If your horse does this, lead him to the arena and tighten the girth again before mounting.

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