How to Survive Sixth Grade Crushing



Don’t think you can just go out with him/her if you ask them.,
Try befriending the person.,
Show this person the real YOU.,
Organize “group dates.”,
Believe that you’re beautiful.,
Pretty yourself.,
Don’t fear rejection.,
If he likes you back, great!,
Be careful what you choose for a first date.

They may not be ready for it yet.;
, The best relationships start on friendships.

, Trust me, don’t change yourself for a guy. I liked this one guy and it just wasn’t me. You want this person to like you for the person that you really are.

, Ask him if he can invite some of his friends to the mall with him (for example). Then get some of your friends, then all of you agree to meet somewhere and then just hang out. That way, you aren’t rushing into things, but you still get to hang out.

, Guys admire girls with confidence.

, Use makeup at a moderation. Go for natural colors and colors that go best with your eye color, skin tone, etc. Don’t glob stuff on your face, it will ruin your skin. Use perfume or body mist on your neck and wrists (for now).

, There will be plenty of guys out there for you that will like you.

, Just remember to take things slow.

, Choose something fun for your age, like rollerskating. That way, the most you can do is hold each others hands.

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