How to Survive a Break Up (Girls)



Do not cry in front of them – you don’t want to look like a basket case and make them think that they’re making the right decision.,
Get in the car and let out a good scream when you’re at least two blocks away from their house.,
Drive to your best friend’s house for a shoulder to cry on.,
Box up all the things that they gave you, or that remind you of them.,
Print out all emails they sent you; gather up all letters they wrote you.,
Cut off all contact with them for at least a month; this will help the healing process because you won’t be talking to them all the time.

If you see them regularly at work or school, always look good.,
When they do come back around, (because you’re too great of a girl for them to not come back), make them work for your attention.,
If you let them back in, make sure you’re strict about you staying.

Hug them goodbye, wish them luck with life, and leave with pride. If you have good self esteem, you know that it is their loss.;
, Blast angry, loud music, and let it out.

, They will be able to make you laugh and say all the right things to make you feel better, such as: You’re too sweet, pretty, nice, popular, and smart for your ex-partner.

, Have a long, good cry.

, Put them in a box for a time when you’re less emotional and want to look back at them. Do not act hastily and throw out or burn things, you may want them in the future.

, Then, delete the emails and give the paper copies to a friend to keep in a safe place. This will prevent you from going back and obsessing over the emails, but they will still be there if you want them in the future.

,, Don’t look like you’re trying, but always look good so that they regret their decision.

, Even though you may still like them, make them think that they have to win you back, and that you have other prospects out there waiting for you.

, Make them think you chose to be back with them rather than other people that asked you out.

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