How to Supervise Hamsters Outside of the Cage



Pick a spot on the ground.,
Consider using a hamster ball.,
Pen off an area.

Don’t place your hamster on a high surface when you are letting it out of its cage. Often the hamster will be scared when you take it out of its cage, and its first instinct may be to run away. If your hamster gets free from you, it could run and fall off a high surface, injuring or even killing it.When you have a hamster on the ground, it may still try to run away but it will not injure itself when it does.

, Hamsters often move much quicker than you and this can make them hard to catch. Some owners use hamster balls as a solution to this problem. You can put your hamster in one of these balls and let it roam around a large area without the risk that it will hide away and get lost.Since a hamster will not have food or water while it is in a ball, only keep it in the ball for about 15 minutes at a time.

, In order to have your hamster out of its cage safely, you should pen off an area for it to be in. Define the area by putting up barriers that the hamster cannot easily cross, such as stacks of books, boxes, or other solid barriers.

You can use a box as a play pen if you like. A large box will give the hamster room to run around in and explore, but it will keep the animal contained.

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