How to Summon Cats Using Treats



Prepare the treats.,
Decide on your summoning code word.,
Call your cat.,
Give the cat the treats when they come.,
Repeat the process.,
Repeat a few times each day for several days in a row.,
Stop using treats and continue with the training process.

Be sure your cat loves the treat that you will use for his training. You can either buy them or make them at home, the most important thing is that your cat absolutely loves the treats.
, The word that you are going to use to make your cat come to you has to always be the same. It should also be short. Calling your cat by his name is a good option, using the word “come” is also good. Whatever word you choose, stick to it., Use the code word. Have the treats in your hands already., This is their reward fro them doing what you want them to do. Now, here is the tricky part: in order for your cat to always come to you, regardless if you have treats or not, you also have to shower him with love and praise. He needs to know that coming to you when you call him is a good thing. Never call him to scold him or he will be afraid of you and not come when you call him., Move to another place in the room or to another room. Have more treats ready and call your cat with the code word.

When the cats come, give them the treats as before. Remember to shower him with love and praise also.

, Your cat will soon come to associate being called using the code word with treats., In no time your cat will be coming to you every time you summon him, without having to give him the treats.

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