How to Stop Your Older Brother from Annoying You



Go to another room.,
Hang out with your friends.,
Join an after-school activity.,
Develop new interests.

Having private space will allow you to feel empowered, which, in turn, translates to a greater ability to express yourself. This feeling of empowerment will be especially beneficial when dealing with a difficult sibling.

Consider asking your parents for your own room, as this will give both you and your brother ownership of your own separate spaces, and decrease the amount of time you get in each other’s way.
If you have to share a bedroom with your older brother, take advantage of the common areas of your home, such as the living room or kitchen.
Enjoy the control you have over private spaces such as your own dresser or your own book shelf. , It’s natural for siblings to grow tired of each other. Hanging out with your friends will not only allow you to have some time away from all the annoyance your brother is creating at home, but will lift your spirits.

Your friends are bound to have similar experiences as you, and connecting with them will show that you’re not alone in your struggles. You may also get some fresh ideas about how to solve the problem with your brother.
Do your friends also annoy you? If so, consider what it is about their behavior that may be similar to your older brother’s.
Look inside yourself to see if there’s anything you might be doing to cause annoying behavior in other people.

, Your parents may not be around very much to referee behavior between you and your older sibling. Joining an after-school activity will not only allow you to have fun doing activities you enjoy, but will also reduce stress at home for you, your siblings and your parents. Just because your brother is older doesn’t mean you can’t lead by example. Seeing you join an activity may increase your brother’s interest in pursuing activities of his own, leaving you both happier and more likely to get along at home.

, If your brother plays basketball, consider trying an unrelated activity like, say, drawing or volunteering at the library. By exploring new interests, you can create your own path rather than feeling the need to compare yourself to your brother.

Think of what type of person you are and what type of person you want to be. Are you a creative person who likes to think about why things are the way they are? Consider a hobby in the arts. Are you more scientifically inclined? Talk to your science teacher about ideas for ways to conduct experiments out of school.

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