How to Stop Your Older Brother from Annoying You



Speak honestly and openly to your brother.,
Stop annoying your brother.,
Tell a parent or guardian.

Though you may not have considered it, there is a chance that your older brother doesn’t realize that he is annoying you.He may think he is being funny, and doesn’t realize how frustrated you are. Rather than assuming that your brother knows how you feel, speak to him directly and openly share your observations, feelings, and wants so that he has a complete understanding of his effect on you. When communicating, it’s important not to blame your brother or assign him negative motivations.
For example, don’t say, “You’re happy when I’m miserable! That’s why you’re annoying me!” Rather, say something like, “I don’t like when you throw my games across the room, and I really want you to respect me and my things just like I respect yours.”
It’s important that you are calm when communicating.

, It’s rare for one person to be 100% at fault in a dispute. Often, both people share some of the responsibility.Playing the blame game with your brother will only result in the problem lasting longer than it has to. If you know there are some things you do to annoy your older brother, stop first and he will likely return the favor.
If your brother started the problems, you may feel that it’s not fair for you to stop first. Maybe you think because he’s older, he should be the mature one and stop the annoying behavior before you do. Rather than focusing on what is “fair,” focus on what will get you the result you want.

, Your parents or guardian likely want you and your sibling to get along. Telling an authority figure of the problems between you and your brother will allow the the authority figure to start a productive conversation between you and your sibling. You’re likely to get better at handling difficult situations with the help of your parents. Going to your parents, however, should not be your first move. It’s a valuable skill to learn how to get along with your brother without your parents’ involvement.

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