How to Stop Late Night Bathroom Trips



Decide if the late night trips to the bathroom are a new occurrence or if you’ve always been prone to frequent urination.,
Stop drinking fluids approximately three hours before you go to bed.,
Avoid diuretics within six hours of bedtime.,
Use the bathroom right before you get into bed.

Reduce fluid retention by elevating your legs at night.,
Strengthen your pelvic floor with Pilates or Kegel exercises.,
Try eating approximately ¼ cup of raisins an hour before bedtime.

If you change your habits and the problem remains, move on to the next method and seek medical attention.;
, If you must drink, sip only a small amount. Avoid chugging water during the evening., These substances, including caffeinated drinks, soda and alcohol stimulate your bladder. This should reduce the urge to pee.

,, If you suffer from swollen ankles or retain water in the legs, wear compression stockings during the day to reduce this tendency., Weak pelvic muscles can lead to incontinence or an urge to urinate. If you’ve recently had a baby, try to do these exercises at least three times a day.

Practice the feeling of stopping urination mid-stream. The muscles you use for that action are the same ones you use to work your pelvic floor.
Squeeze those muscles, working up to a 10 second hold. Do at least five repetitions., Although this remedy is largely anecdotal, some people swear by its ability to reduce the need for the bathroom at night. Unless you are watching calories closely, it is unlikely to do any harm.

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