How to Stop Friends from Teasing About Crushes



Don’t let them see you sweat.,
Keep some of your crush details under wraps.,
Spend time away from friends who won’t stop teasing.

More often than not, your friends will find pleasure in ruffling your feathers. Let your outer image exude confidence and nonchalance about their banter and teasing.If they see that you aren’t phased by their silly teasing, they won’t bother doing it anymore.

Be as cool about the situation as you can. Even if you may feel uneasy about your friends’ teasing on the inside, your confidence and carefree attitude will show them that their words and/or actions won’t throw you off your crushing game.
Deflect with humor if you’re having difficulty with ignoring your friends’ teasing. Come up with a witty phrase or comeback that lets your friends know that their teasing is nothing more than a laughing matter.

, Your friends don’t need to know everything that goes on between you and your crush. Avoid giving your friends too much teasing ammo and pull back the reigns on over sharing. A little mystery goes a long way.

Your friends will still more than likely bug you about spilling the beans about you and your crush. Share only the details that you’re comfortable with sharing.
You could even tell them that you don’t have a crush on the person anymore.

, Playing it cool might mean spending more time with people who respect you. Teasing might seem like it’s all in good fun, but it stops being fun with it begins to hurt. Find people to hang with who are mature enough to leave you along when you’ve asked nicely.

As a last resort, you could even tell your friends that you don’t want to spend time with them anymore because of their behavior. If your friends apologize and want to earn back your trust, it’s up to you whether you want to give them another chance. It could be a learning experience for both you and your friends.
If you feel that the teasing has gone past the point of playfulness and into bullying territory, tell your parents or another trusted adult. You deserve to be treated well by your peers, so don’t be afraid to seek help if you need it.

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