How to Stop Chronic Diarrhea



Have ginger tea.,
Try chamomile tea or fenugreek tea.,
Drink blackberry tea.,
Avoid caffeinated beverages.

Herbal teas can help to settle an upset stomach or bouts of nausea that may occur due to the diarrhea.Ginger tea is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Children over two years of age can have light ginger tea or flat non-carbonated ginger ale. Ginger tea has not been tested for use for very young children.

, You can have tea bags or add one teaspoon of chamomile leaf or fenugreek seeds per cup of hot water. Consume five to six cups of tea a day. These herbal teas help to settle your stomach and calm down your digestive system.

, Researchers at The University of Maryland have also found blackberry leaf tea, raspberry leaf tea, bilberry teas, and carob powder drinks can help to settle the stomach. These beverages have antibacterial and antiviral properties.Do not consume bilberry tea if you are on blood thinners or have diabetes.

, Try not to have any coffee, black tea, green tea, or caffeinated sodas.These drinks can make your diarrhea worse, as they can stimulate bowel movements.

Stay away from alcohol as it can also irritate your bowels and make your diarrhea worse.

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