How to Stop Cats from Peeing on the Front Porch



Remove food from the porch.,
Remove potted plants from the porch.,
Remove cozy sleeping spots.,
Don’t bother covering surfaces with tin foil or plastic.

Neighborhood cats be attracted to your porch by food left out for wildlife or your own pet. Other cats will grow accustomed to finding food here, and they may mark the area with urine. Remove the food so there is no longer a benefit to claiming your porch., Some cats are attracted to certain substrates, such as soil. These can be tempting to use as a toilet. Remove any plant pots from the porch so that cats don’t have this option for where they urinate.

, Eliminate spaces that are cozy and inviting for cats to visit. These might include a chair with a cushion on it, or a objects such as boxes and crates that a cat could shelter in., Some advice urges homeowners to put tin foil or plastic over areas they want to protect. Cats will likely continue spraying regardless, so these methods are generally unproductive.

However, one advantage to covering surfaces with plastic or tin foil is the ease of cleaning up after a cat urinates on these surfaces.

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