How to Stop Being Boy Shy



Keep it simple.,
Break the ice online.,
Ask questions.,
Talk to guys in your group of friends.,
Join a co-ed club.

Don’t worry about saying the best thing. Just say, “Hi,” or if a guy is wearing a nice shirt, compliment him by saying, “I like your shirt.” Ask how his weekend went by saying, “Did you do anything fun this weekend?” Whatever you say, say it with a smile and try to stay calm.You can talk about a class you share. Try saying something like, “How’d you do on the test in math?”
If you notice they have a phone case or t-shirt or talk about your favorite band, say, “I really like them too. Did you know they’re coming to town next week?”;
, Reach out first through social media like Facebook or Twitter. Chatting online can be much easier than in real life, because you can think of what you want to say before you say it without awkward silences. This lets you get to know him better, so it’s easier to talk in person later on.If you’re messaging a guy for the first time online, say hi and remind them how they know you. Say something like, “Hi, we have math class together. Have you studied for the test yet?”
You can also bring up a common interest by saying something like, “Did I see you at the new comic book movie this weekend?”
If you’re having a get together or party, inviting the guy online is a great first move. Say something like, “Hey, I’m having people over this weekend for a back to school party, and it would be great, if you could come.”

, This is a great way to be more outgoing with guys without having to say a lot. When you ask questions, people feel you’re interested in them and they may be more willing to talk. You can say something as simple as, “How did you like the book we read in English?” This will start a conversation, and you can listen quietly, which may help to calm your nerves.Don’t ask random questions. Going up to someone and saying, “What’s your favorite color?” is not likely to get much of a response. Instead, ask questions about a class or shared interest, so it makes sense for you to ask and for him to answer.
Listen when they respond. It’s easier to come up with additional questions or insightful responses, if you’re actually paying attention to what they say to you. Plus, no one likes to feel ignored, especially by someone who asked him a question to begin with., This is generally a less awkward situation because if you feel shy or can’t think of anything else to say, there are other people to fill the silence. Having your friends there for support will also make you feel sure of yourself, so it’s easier to talk openly., This is a great way to meet people and in most cases, there’s a built-in topic of conversation. Sometimes there’s even a specific agenda of subjects that have to be covered. Talking to a guy who you know shares at least one interest, may be easier than just approaching guys if you feel shy around them.If it’s your first meeting with the club, say something like, “I just joined this club. How long have you been involved?”
You can ask a guy something like, “What go you interested in French club?”
If you have an upcoming even with the club, you can ask, “Are you going to the service project this weekend?”

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