How to Stop Being Boy Shy



Get help from your friends.,
Ask family for help.,
Take a class.,
Consider getting counseling.

Ask a friend who seems confident around guys for advice. You can also watch how they interact with guys. Then, try to mimic some of their more confident behaviors. Listen to how they talk, watch their body language, and try to act more like them, until you find your own way to show confidence.

Ask your friends to introduce you to guys they know. This will make getting to know them easier because you have a mutual friend and there’s someone else there to talk with.
Ask you friends to be your “wingmen.” If you’re talking to a guy and you’re getting nervous, have a friend close by who can step in and help.
Have your friends role-play possible conversations with you. It may seem silly, but practicing a conversation can help you feel better about the real thing., You may not want to go straight to a parent or guardian, but if you have an older sibling or cousin who is close to your age, they may be able to help you feel better about the situation, offer pointers, or just share stories of times they were shy. Even if you think your parents won’t help the situation, you’ll be surprised how much great advice they can give.Ask your family member, “I’m having trouble talking to guys. I always feel shy or like I’ll say the wrong thing. What can I do?”
You can ask something like, “Did you ever have issues talking to guys?”

, There are a variety of organizations like Toastmasters that teach people how to be more confident, and give you the opportunity to practice these skills and get feedback. You can also consider taking public speaking, theatre, or other classes that push you to talk to large groups of people. This can often make it easier to speak confidently one-on-one with guys who make you feel shy., If you’re unable to overcome your shyness on your own, it’s okay to ask a professional for help. Counselors, therapists, and psychologists have years of education, training, and experience, and their job is to help people lead happy, healthy lives.

Shyness can be a sign of a bigger health concern like social anxiety, and counseling is a great way to overcome this.
If you’re in school, start by speaking with your guidance counselor. They are a great resource to help you find someone to talk to.
You can also search for local counselors online or ask your physician for a recommendation of counselors in your area.

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