How to Stop Answering Instant Messages from Your Crush So Quickly



Spend less time on IM.,
Paint your nails.,
Talk with a lot of other people.,
Listen to music you enjoy.,
Plan your reply.,
Let him start the conversation with you.,
Play a game.,
Get an egg timer and set it to ten or twenty seconds, whatever feels right, and set it ticking if he says something, and forbid yourself from answering until it pings.

End the conversation yourself.

For one, he’ll think you’re a tiny bit lifeless if you’re always sitting at your keyboard, not to mention if you’re not there in the first place you aren’t tempted to talk with him. Plus, extended times in front of your computer gives your skin a funny look, which won’t make him like you any more.;
, While they are wet you can’t type so fast without smudging them, and it looks nice and shows you care for yourself.

, Having five other conversations going at once will stop you answering him straight away, especially if you tell yourself not to answer him until you have answered everybody else first.

, If you can close your eyes and enjoy your favourite song it distracts you from him.

, If you look at what he’s said , then you can start thinking about a great reply that will make him laugh, or make him think, or generally think you’re an all-round great person.

, If he logs on and your hand flies to the ‘start conversation button’ he will probably get annoyed. Wait around a bit, and if he doesn’t start a conversation with you after ten minutes or so, say ‘hi’, otherwise let him do the talking.

, Racing games are good distractions as you can’t just stop and go back five minutes later. Avoid the pause button and finish your game when he says anything.

,, If you feel it’s been going on a long time, just say that you’ve got to leave. If he asks, answer vaguely to create an air of mystery

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