How to Stop a Rooster from Crowing



Purchase or make a rooster collar.,
Secure the rooster in your lap with both hands.,
Place the collar on the back of the rooster’s neck.,
Wrap the collar around the rooster’s neck and secure it.,
Make sure the collar is not too tight.,
Allow your rooster to acclimate to the collar.,
Adjust the collar as needed.

A Rooster collar limits the airflow to a rooster’s voice box, which reduces the volume of his crows. You can purchase a rooster collar or make your own.To make your own collar you will need double-sided Velcro. The velcro should be 2 inches wide. Cut a 6 to 8 inch piece of velcro. Adhere the back sides of the velcro to each other., Place the rooster in your lap—his head should face away from you. Circle your thumb and index finger of your non-dominant hand around his neck. Lift his feathers by moving your hands up his neck., Use your dominant hand to grab the collar. Lay one end of the collar on the back of the rooster’s neck. Use the thumb encircling the rooster’s neck to hold the collar in place.Position the collar low on the rooster’s neck.

, As you continue to hold the collar with your thumb, use your dominant hand to wrap the collar around the rooster’s next. Overlap the collar and secure the velcro. Carefully align the lengths of the collar., It is essential that you assess the fit of your rooster’s collar.Insert your pinky finger between the collar and the rooster’s neck. Your pinky finger should slide under the collar’s top and bottom edges.
Listen to the rooster’s breathing. If he is struggling to get air, loosen the collar. Continue to check on him often.

, When you first put on the collar, your rooster may jump backwards and try to remove the collar. Work with your rooster to help him get used to wearing the collar.

For the first day, keep the collar loose.
As you gradually tighten the collar, reward your rooster with treats.

, It may be necessary to adjust the fit of the collar. Check the fit of the collar from time to time. Pay special attention to your young rooster—adjust the collar as your rooster grows.

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