How to Stop a Guinea Pig from Shedding



Rule out hormonal imbalances.,
Have your vet check for Cushing’s disease.,
Consider pregnancy as a possible cause.

As humans, when our hormones are out of whack, we experience a variety of health problems, including hair loss and balding. Hormonal imbalances can have the same effect on your guinea pig, causing patchy hair loss and excessive shedding.Talk to your doctor if your pet’s fur falls out in clumps or you notice bare patches of skin, as this is not normal or seasonal shedding.

, Cushing’s disease is a condition that affects the way adrenal glands work in the body. Enlarged adrenal glands can also lead to shedding. Guinea pigs are susceptible to this disease, and it can cause excessive hair loss and bald patches. Talk to your vet about testing your guinea pig for adrenal problems like Cushing’s disease.Testing your pet’s health will consist of a physical exam and blood testing. Blood work will tell your vet whether your pet has thyroid or adrenal issues or infections. The physical exam will check the general health of your pet, such as its temperature, the quality of its coat, and the health of its eyes and ears.Guinea pigs cannot handle penicillin. Most vets should be aware of this, but a vet inexperienced with guinea pigs might not know this. For the safety of your pet, double check that any antibiotics the vet prescribes don’t contain penicillin., If you have a female guinea pig who has been around other male guinea pigs, consider that pregnancy might be the cause of her shedding. Just like with human women’s hair, female guinea pigs experience changes to their fur while pregnant. Your pig’s shedding problem might resolve itself once she delivers her babies.

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