How to Stop a Budgie from Biting



Do not yell at a budgie.,
Avoid punishment.,
Do not use distractions like treats or toys.

Yelling at a budgie can backfire in one of two ways. Yelling can excite a bird, causing him to repeat the behavior to elicit the reaction again. Yelling can also cause a budgie stress, which can lead to biting out of fear and anxiety. Do not yell at a budgie in response to biting., Punishment will only increase a budgie’s sense of anxiety. It can also cause undo stress and diminish the bond you have with a budgie. Avoid punishing budgies if you want to eliminate biting.

Never squirt a budgie with a spray bottle to address biting. This will cause the bird to perceive you as a threat.Do not place a budgie in his cage as punishment. Budgies see their cages as safe, happy spaces. If your response to biting is to put the budgie in his cage, he will think his behavior is being rewarded., Many people address biting by distracting a budgie with a treat or a toy. However, much like putting a budgie in a cage, your budgie will see this as a reward for his behavior. This will encourage biting in the future.

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