How to Stay Up Late



Do something you enjoy.,
Eat a healthy snack.,
Maintain conversation with the people you are with.

If you’re spending your time doing something that you’re invested in you’ll be much more likely to stay awake. Try working on a project or building something with your hands. You could also try beating that video game that you really enjoy. However, the most active you can be while keeping busy the better. You won’t feel like you are about to fall asleep if you are in the middle of a kickball game! If you’re playing video games for long periods of time, make sure to give your eyes a break.

, Going for a run or lifting weights will naturally pump oxygen through your body and into your brain, making you more aware and awake. It might seem counterintuitive to exercise when you’re tired but it will be a huge boost. Studies show that going for a ten-minute walk increased participants’ energy for almost two hours. Exercising before you stay up late will help, but doing it in the middle of the night will be even better.

, Avoid eating candy bars or other junk food with a lot of sugar. This will give you an immediate sugar rush, but you’ll end up feeling even more tired once the sugar leaves your system ten or fifteen minutes later. Eating a lot of sugar will risk a crash.

, You’ll be much less likely to get tired or fall asleep if you are engaged in an interesting conversation with someone. Your mind will be alert. Try to engage in intellectual conversation that challenges your brain to think through ideas. The more you are willing to challenge your brain the less likely you’ll be to fall asleep. Doing puzzles or word games is another good option.

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