How to Stay Motivated to Be Fit and Healthy



Be inspired.,
Motivate others.,
Create shopping lists.,
Work out in the morning.,
Buy cute workout clothes.,
Every time you workout, put a dollar in a jar.

Search up fitness inspiration and fitness motivation on sites like Tumblr and We Heart It. They always have the best pictures which make you want to jump up and work out.;
, Although we can’t stay motivated ourselves, we might feel like being healthy if we create our own fitness blog. Post fitness quotes, and anything that might seem helpful for others to get their workout on! Who knows, maybe we’ll even inspire ourselves!!

, We all get tempted by the chocolate aisle when we are doing our weekly grocery shop, but making a shopping list will help us only go into the aisles where we need something. It will also help you save money! Don’t grocery shop while you are hungry, because it will make all the food seem appealing and irresistible therefore you will buy more.

, Go on a 15 minute jog at 6:00am before breakfast everyday. Jog up to a local river or creek, so that the morning sun makes the trip even prettier.

, If you are wearing a cute sporty tank top and little shorts that are designed for exercise, with your brand new Nikes you will feel better and more motivated to workout! Everyone needs to look cute when they are exercising!!

, Then, every 6 months or so, go out and buy yourself something cute like the dress you’ve been wanting for ages, or the cute tank top for your exercising rituals. it works!!

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