How to Stay Healthy in Small Ways



Pack healthy snacks to munch on throughout the day.,
Opt for the healthier option for lunch or dinner.,
Reduce your artificial sugar intake.,
Bake desserts with natural ingredients and sweeteners.,
Cook at least one meal a day.,
Drink water instead of soda.

If you are constantly on the go, it can help to prepare some healthy snacks so you can reach for them easily and quickly. Having healthy snacks on hand means you will less tempted to get fast food to go or opt for a prepackaged meal.Cut up fruit like apples, pears, and oranges the night before and pack them in plastic bags or tupperware. Fruit makes a great, easy snack that is also good for you.
Nuts like almonds and cashews are a great source of protein that won’t make you sleepy or drowsy throughout the day. Put a handful of almonds or cashews in a plastic bag and stash them in your purse or bag so they are easy to get to when you find yourself craving a snack.
If you tend to crave something crunchy, go for homemade popcorn, tossed with sesame oil and sesame seeds, for a healthier alternative to potato chips.;
, Rather than overhaul your entire diet, focus on choosing the healthier option for at least one meal a day. Choose a salad and a smoothie over a burger and fries for lunch or go for a healthy stir fry with vegetables over steak and potatoes at dinner. Try to be consistent about going for a healthy option for at least one meal a day to reduce your calorie intake and stay health conscious.

, Artificial sugars can be found in many prepackaged foods, such as baked goods, candy, sauces, and dips. Many artificial sweeteners for coffee and tea can also lead to health issues.If possible, substitute artificial sugar in your meals with natural sugars like maple syrup, honey, or agave nectar. These natural sweeteners contain minerals and nutrients that are good for you and can taste as good or better than artificial sugars.
Rather than have a prepackaged cookie or candy, have a piece of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants and contains less sugar than milk chocolate or other sweets., Try to integrate natural sweeteners like honey, agave, and maple syrup into your baking. This will help you to avoid processed and artificial sugars and ensure your baked goods are healthy alternatives to store bought goods. There are many recipes that use natural sweeteners that you can try, including:

Banana, coconut, and cashew cream tart, sweetened with maple syrup.Honey whole wheat banana nut loaf, sweetened with honey.An all-fruit popsicle, made with fresh fruit like watermelon, ice, and some honey for sweetness.Banana coconut dairy free ice cream, sweetened with agave.Double dark chocolate and ginger brownies, sweetened with crystallized ginger and dark chocolate., To stay healthy in small ways throughout your week, set aside time to prepare one meal a day for yourself, whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Make yourself a simple breakfast of non-fat yogurt, granola, and fruit, or a quick lunch with a grain, a protein (like meat, fish, or tofu), and vegetables. Try not to skip any meals, as this can cause you to have low energy during the day.

Look for recipes online or cookbooks that have recipes that take 30 minutes or less to prepare. Select one meal a day you are going to prepare and shop at the beginning of the week for the ingredients. This will ensure you have everything you need on hand and can make yourself a healthy meal quickly and easily.

, Cut down on your daily sugar intake by opting for lots of water, instead of soda or fruit juice. It can help to carry a full water bottle with you so you can sip water throughout the day.

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