How to Stay Healthy in Small Ways



Limit your alcohol consumption.,
Quit smoking and cut back on drug use.,
Try to focus on positive, rather than negative, thinking.

Rather than cut out alcohol from your diet completely, you may want to regulate how much alcohol you consume every week. If you tend to binge drink, where you only drink a high amount of alcohol on certain days of the week, you may want to regulate your drinking by having one glass of water for every beer or drink you consume. This will ensure your body does not get dehydrated and you can control the effects of the alcohol.If you tend to drink a high amount of alcohol every night, or several nights a week, consider reducing your alcohol consumption to only the weekends or only one to two days a week. You may also try to cut back on how many drinks you have a night, for example, one glass of wine a night instead of two.

, If you want to get healthy, you need to quit smoking. You may start by reducing the number of cigarettes you have a day or investing in nicotine patches to help cut down on your smoking. You can also join a smoking support group to help you quit.As well, if you tend to use certain drugs or take prescription drugs regularly, you may want to consider cutting certain drugs out of your routine. Talk to your doctor about reducing your prescription drugs, especially if they are not considered necessary for your treatment.

, If you have a bad habit of thinking negatively about every situation or only considering the negative outcome, you may want to try to adjust your thinking to be more positive and proactive. Consider if you hang around any friends, co-workers, or family members that are a negative influence. They may complain often and only focus on the negative outcome of a situation, thereby encouraging you to also indulge in this way of thinking. Put distance between yourself and any negative individuals in your life, as negative thinking can lead to stress and anxiety.

If you notice that you tend to approach situations with a glass half empty approach, try to come up with ways to turn negative situations into positive learning moments. This could mean pausing, taking a deep breathe, and considering how to come up with a solution for the issue or problem, rather than simply complaining about the issue or problem.
For example, you may have an issue with a co-worker who does not follow through on his work commitments and continues to let clients down. Rather than allow the co-worker’s attitude cause you to develop negative thoughts or reactions, talk to the co-worker directly. Ask him to consider other ways of approaching clients and following through on his commitments. If he does not listen to you or show any signs of adjusting his behavior, you may want to escalate the issue to a supervisor. This will allow you to be proactive about a source of negativity in your life, rather than allow the negativity to consume you.

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