How to Stay Calm Around That Boy



Make sure the boy isn’t interacting with himself or in the middle of a conversation where he’ll be mumbling incoherently as he does the former.,
Before you approach him, take a deep breath and get your nervous feelings out.,
Begin talking to him to develop a sense of comfort between the two of you.,
Get the ball rolling.,
Act normally and talk about your interests!,
Try to look him in the eyes.,
Try to stay calm.,
Avoid awkward silences.,
Make a considerate exit.

, Remember that he’s just a boy, and if he has any courtesy he won’t say anything offensive.

, This will help to “break in” the relationship. Weeks/months of talking you should eventually feel comfortable to be around him as a friend.

, If he already knows you as an acquaintance then you have completed the hardest step, which is the introduction. If not then try to find mutual friends between the two of you, thus giving you ways to introduce yourself.

, Don’t be a mainstream girl; be yourself! He isn’t going to want to date you the 1 out of 100 mainstream girls in his life. He’s going to want to date you a unique girl who lets her own personality and style shine.

, It might sound crazy, but establishing long eye contact lets him know that you’re listening and paying attention to what he is saying/doing.

, If you get sudden spurts of energy or nervousness, try pushing your toes together in your shoes (unless your wearing open toed shoes) it should get rid of some of that energy and nervousness. You can also cross your fingers by your side, or simply start twiddling your thumbs by your side.

, When the conversation goes silent, change the topic or say you have to go. Do not let the conversation go silent for too long; the conversation could become quite awkward and make you even more nervous around this boy.

, Best is to plan when you want to leave so right after he finishes his sentence. This shows that you didn’t cut him off in the middle of him talking about something he thinks is important, thus giving him a good impression of your attentiveness.

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