How to Start a Relationship from Dating a Stranger



You can meet someone anywhere.,
Walk up to the person you are interested in and talk about random things.,
Build a rapport by flirting a bit…don’t go too far.

Sometime during the conversation, exchange names.

Continue flirting.,
Assess whether closing in for their phone number would be ideal.

If ideal, go ahead and see if you can their phone number; ex: Is she flirting back?,
Ask for the number by saying something like: “It was nice meeting you, unfortunately I have to go, but I would really like to continue this conversation.,
Proceed to pull out your cellphone, enter her phone number.

Call it so she has yours.

Say good-bye and leave.

Wait for a day.

Dress accordingly and flirt by talking less and asking more questions.,
Call again at your discretion.

Suggest a private meeting next time, such as your place for a movie.

Build more rapport by asking about topics such as her dreams and childhood, talk about how she is unique, look mesmerized and then slowly work into a kiss.,
Repeat steps 13 through 15 and then after a few weeks, ask her out on an “official” date.

At this time you may also want to hang out apart from just organized dates (for the sake of hanging out, like with your guy buddies.),
Have a serious discussion on whether you guys should be in a relationship.

The relationship has either started or you’re still casually dating.

, Be advised that unless you have some kind of ‘something to say’, you might frighten who you are talking to.

,,, Maintain some eye contact.

,, Has she mentioned a possible boyfriend?

, Can I get your number so we can get together sometime.”

,,,,, If no answers, leave a brief but informative message such as:

“Hi, it’s Tom, we met while we were walking to class. I had a good time talking to you and I’m interested in hearing from you. Give me a call back at (insert time you’re not busy) at this number (insert number) I’ll talk to you later.
Or if your call is answered, “Hey (Mary) it’s Tom, we met on the way to class. How are you doing? I don’t have much time, but I would like to see you again. I’m going to do lunch today at 3, would you like to join me?” If she says yes, set up a location and time for the lunch meeting.

, You should lightly tease her, and end the meeting early. Do not talk about a second date but end with “I had a good time and I’ll call you later.”

,,, Do not have sex, but be intimate.

,, You are now “dating” officially.

, At this point, friends of yours and hers meet and mingle and everyone sees you together.

,, Good for you!

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