How to Start a Conversation With Your Crush



Learn your crush’s interests and hobbies.,
Get a feel for your crush’s personality.,
Get a rough idea of your crush’s schedule.,
Look good to feel good.,
Pick the time and place.,
Start the conversation with confidence.,
Use open questions.,
Listen actively and pay attention to your crush’s body language.,
Be yourself and allow your crush to do the same.,
Talk about something going on with school or work.,
Comment on something happening around you.,
Comment on something about them.,
Ask a question.,
Ask for help.,
Ask about their history.,
Talk about a current event.,
Talk about a movie or TV show.,
Compliment them!,
Be honest.

Pay attention to what your crush does for fun. People generally enjoy talking about things that they know and like. Look for common ground between you two for topics to discuss.

For example, find out what their extra curriculars are or what they do on the weekends. You can ask their friends or just pay attention to what they say they’re doing.;
, Are they shy? Maybe they are very social and extroverted? Taking cues from his or her social interactions will give you an idea of how to eventually approach your crush.

For example, if they’re shy, talking to them around other people or being very open with your affection may scare them, and this should be avoided.

, You can only have a conversation if you are both in the same place at the same time. This information will increase the likelihood that you will have an impromptu “run-in” with your crush!

If simply paying attention doesn’t help, you can always recruit one of their friends to help you out. Good friends will want to help their friend get a boyfriend or girlfriend. Just make sure they’re trustworthy.

, You want to look you best, to show your crush that you think they’re worth the effort. Feeling comfortable with your outward appearance will also give you an extra boost of confidence! Take special care with:

Hair – Get a fresh haircut or style your hair in a nice way. Don’t go for a totally new hairstyle though…it will look out of place!
Clothes – Wear an outfit that your crush might like. Above all, make sure your clothes are clean, fit your body, and are free of wrinkles or stains.
Grooming – Washing, shaving, and smelling pleasant will go a long way! Check out information on grooming here.

, Depending on what you learned about your crush, choosing the when and the where of your conversation could be very important. If you want to have an intimate one-on-one conversation, start the conversation when your crush is alone. If you are in a group or in a loud location, the conversation can be more casual.

, Speak clearly and make eye contact with your crush. Your body language says much about your interest. A smile wouldn’t hurt, either!

Remember that they are just another person, just like you. You don’t have to be nervous, and even if things don’t go exactly as you plan, everything will still be okay in the end.

, These are questions that can’t be answered with a simple yes or no. The goal is to get them talking and keep them talking, because this will give you the most opportunities to have something to respond to, creating a real conversation!

Open questions usually start with “why” or “how”, or deal with complex subject matters. For example, you could ask: “What was it like growing up in New York and then having to move here?”, “Why did you want to take this class?”, or “How are you liking working with _____?”

, Try asking follow-up questions on topics that your crush seemed genuinely interested in. Tone of voice and body language can give you an idea of how the conversation is going.

If they seem very disinterested or distracted, quit while you’re ahead. You don’t want to give them the impression that you’re super awkward. Just excuse yourself (“Sorry, I forgot I was supposed to call my Aunt for her birthday!”) and try again another time.

, Once the conversation gets rolling, express your opinions and interests while giving your crush space to express theirs. Just make sure that you’re focusing the conversation on them in the early stages of getting to know each other. You don’t want them to feel like you’re self-centered.

, You can start a conversation by talking about what you’re guaranteed to have in common: school or work (depending on how you know each other).

“Have you taken Math with Heiser? I’m trying to figure out if I want to take it next semester.”
“Did you hear that they’re going to remodel the break room? I’m holding out for a new TV. What about you?”

, You can also comment on something that’s happening nearby, while you’re standing near each other. Just be sure it isn’t critical of or insulting to other people (since this will give your crush the wrong impression of what you’re like).

“Did you see that? I wish more people were considerate like that these days. It’s so nice to see.”
“Such a shame how he’s talking to her. She deserves more respect. She works really hard.”

, Comment on something that they’re wearing, asking a question about it’s origin or story. Try to look for things that they’re clearly proud of, such as badge pins, nice shoes, or tee shirts with band logos.

“That’s a cool Burning Man tee. Have you ever gone? I’ve always wanted to go.”
“Sweet Adventure Time button. Who’s your favorite character?”

, Ask them a question about something that you think they might know about. This is a good way to get yourself talking to them, but the subject will usually need to be changed pretty quickly if you want a conversation to keep going.

“Do you know where the Smith Building is?”
“Do you know how to open this? I’ve been struggling with it but I can’t tell if I’m dumb or just have really weak wrists.”

, Ask them for a tiny favor, something that takes less than a minute of their time. People like to feel useful and it will give you a way to start a conversation with positive feelings.

“I don’t suppose you could help me reach the stuff on the upper shelf? None of these chairs are safe to stand on.”
“Can you hold this coffee for a second while I put this away? I don’t want it to spill.”

, Ask them about how or why they’re in a specific place. For example, if you’re at a party, ask how they know the host. If you’re at school and just hanging out in class or with other friends, ask them if they’ve always lived in the area.

, Talk about something that’s happening in the news, either nationally or in your local area. This can be a good way to launch into more serious topics, if you’re really wanting to get to know them as a person.

“Did you hear about that protest rally for this weekend? I was thinking about going.”
“Did you hear the city is planning on tearing down that highway? Traffic is going to be murder.”

, Comment on or ask about a recent movie or TV show, either one that you like a lot or one that you haven’t see yet. Get their opinion and use it to launch into a conversation. Even if they haven’t seen it, you can turn the conversation into a usable topic.

“Have you gone to see the new Spider Man yet? I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth seeing.”
“Oh man, please tell me you watch Game of Thrones because I need someone to be excited with! You don’t? You should…it’s awesome!”, etc.

, A compliment about something not-creepy is a great way to start a conversation. Try to compliment them on something they control, like their clothing choice or something they’ve done or made, instead of something that they don’t, like their hair or eyes. Complimenting things like hair or eyes might as well be a compliment for just about anyone and isn’t unique to them.

, Just tell them that you want to talk to them because they look interesting or fun and you want to get to know them. Many people will appreciate the honesty, especially people who are on the attractive side and are used to people trying to be manipulative or coy in order to talk to them.

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