How to Spot Signs of Illness in a Cockatiel



Note changes in character.,
Observe their activity levels to determine if they have lethargy.,
Listen to their chirping for any changes.,
Observe how they sleep.,
Pay attention to how much they are eating.,
Track how much they are drinking to see if they are dehydrated.

Cockatiels are typically very active birds. They are known to be social and curious. Since birds tend not to show signs of illness until they are very sick, it is important to know your cockatiel’s normal habits and behaviors. If anything changes, be on alert.For example, if your cockatiel is no longer coming up to you when you approach the cage, they may not be feeling well.;
, A sudden drop in activity may mean that the bird is not doing well. Watch how active or energetic your bird is. Some signs of lethargy include:Sitting or lying on the bottom of the cage.
Inability to fly or exercise.
Sleeping for long periods of time.
Ignoring you if they are normally social.
Ignoring sounds or movement around them.

, Any changes in the sound or tone of their voice might indicate a problem if joined by other symptoms. This could include loss of voice, crying frequently, inability to sing, or a weak quality of voice., In most cases, cockatiels sleep with one foot raised into their feathers. If your cockatiel is suddenly sleeping with both feet gripping the perch, consult a vet., Changes in appetite are one of the key symptoms of sickness in cockatiels. If the bird is either eating more or less than usual, take them to a vet.Changes in food or stress can also cause eating problems. If the cockatiel is sick, the loss of appetite will be accompanied by other symptoms.

, Cockatiels drink about a teaspoon of water a day. A sick cockatiel may drink more than this if they have diarrhea or vomiting. There are other things, however, that can also cause this. Rule out these other causes first:The room may be too warm.
They may be feeding their young.
Their food may be too salty.
They are very active.

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