How to Spot Signs of Illness in a Cockatiel



Visit an avian veterinarian.,
Report any symptoms.,
Allow the vet to perform tests.,
Quarantine the bird until they get better.,
Return for an annual exam.

Illnesses can progress very quickly in birds. Take your bird to a vet as soon as possible if you are concerned about their health. It is best to take your cockatiel to an avian veterinarian, which is a vet that specializes in birds.The Association of Avian Veterinarians has a database where you can look up local avian vets.

, In addition to the behavioral and physical changes that you have noticed, tell your vet of any other symptoms of sickness. These include:Weight loss
Any signs of blood

, If the vet suspects that the cockatiel is ill, they may do a number of different tests. They may need to keep your bird at their office while they do these tests. Some common tests include:Bloodwork
Fecal tests
Viral screening
Psittacosis Testing
Fungal testing

, If you have other birds, you should make sure that they do not have contact with the sick cockatiel until the cockatiel has completely improved. Your vet may advised that you quarantine the sick cockatiel for up to 60 days after treatment.It is best to keep the cockatiel in a separate room while quarantining. Always feed and clean the quarantined cockatiel last after the other birds.

, To catch diseases before they become serious, you should take your cockatiel back to the vet once a year. This will prevent serious problems from developing in the future.

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