How to Spot Signs of Bacterial Infection in Parrots



Look for signs of digestive distress.,
Pay attention to weight loss and lack of appetite.,
Take your parrot to a veterinarian.

Mycobacteriosis affects the liver and GI tract of parrots. This can cause your bird to have diarrhea and bright yellow colored urine.Your parrot may be drinking an excessive amount of water due to this infection and yet its urine will be brightly colored.
Diarrhea may be yellow or green colored as well. This is due to liver function being affected and bile coloring the feces.

, Mycobacteriosis can cause anorexia and weight loss in birds that it has infected. If your parrot is losing weight and refusing to eat, then it could have a mycobacteriosis infection.

Weight loss and lack of appetite could signal a variety of illnesses. If your bird is losing weight and refusing to eat, you should take it to see a veterinarian so the problem can be assessed.

, If you suspect that your bird has mycobacteriosis then you should take it to a veterinarian to get assessed, diagnosed, and treated. Only with quick and proper diagnosis and treatment will your bird recover from this illness. Otherwise, the prognosis is poor.Treatment for this infection is extensive. It usually includes daily doses of three different antibiotics for a six to twelve month period, or even longer.

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