How to Spend Time With Your Crush at School



Location and timing.,
English Class.,
Math class.,
In The Halls.

There is always a right time and a right place. There is also always a wrong time and a wrong place. One of the best ways to spend time with your crush is in class or at lunch. There are many classes in this world, but here is the basic classes with a few extras.;
, The place where you will discuss books by amazing authors, such as John Steinbeck and Mark Twain. Make use of your time with your crush by discussing the book before class starts, whether you love it or hate it. If he has a different view of the book, then make your conversation a little flirty debate. Or if you are writing an essay or a short story, ask him if he wants to peer edit with you. If he says no, say something a bit flirty like “You sure? Because I know a lot about “The Scarlett Ibis” and you would be lucky to have me to edit your essay.” If he still says no, find someone else to edit with. There’s always another essay in English class and peer editing with another boy might even make him jealous.

, So what if you hate problems with fractions, or if you enjoy solving problems with the layout of y=mx+b? Your math class is another good place to spend time with your crush. Suggest doing some of the homework together if you have trouble. Or ask him for help if he is good at math. It’s the other way around? Then say to him, “Hey, you look like you’re having some trouble. Need help?” Your dream boy will most likely appreciate your help.

, Ah, another class involving lots of writing. This is another class that you can ask your crush if he wants to peer edit your essays on the Civil War. You can also discuss the topic your class is learning about, like the presidents. You can even get into a flirty debate about which president was the worst in history.

, This is a great class to partner up with your crush for labs. If your teacher assigned you two together, that’s great! Chat a bit while you two complete your work. If not, talk to him after class. Ask him who is his partner and tell him who is yours. Then say something like “Maybe next time we’ll be partners for a lab.” You can make science a bit fun with a little contest. Try naming the most bones in the human body or name the elements on the periodic table the quickest. It will help you learn better.

, Whether you’re a jock or rather be sleeping, it is time to break a sweat with your crush. Challenge him to a quick game of basketball or four square with others. Partner up when your class is forced to practice kicking the soccer ball or race each other during the mile.

, Okay, this is not a class, but it is still a time to flirt with your crush. At lunch, try sitting with him and talk about low key things, such as class, movies, books, tv shows, or family. Guys don’t want to hear drama queens telling stories about a serious fight with a friend. If you can’t sit with him, casually walk by his table, wave, and say hi.

, This another non class, but passing time at school is good for a quick chat. If you see him, casually say hi and smile. If you want to talk to him more, ask him a quick question. ex: “Hey, what’s the French homework?” or “What do we do in English today?”

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