How to Socialize a Pet Bird



Research your bird’s species as possible.,
Try eating with your bird, as this is a pretty typical behavior for flocks in the wild.,
Invite the bird to eat what you’re eating by exaggerating the deliciousness of your food.,

Do they eat together? Sing together? You’ll want to mimic these behaviors as much as possible.;
, Prepare a meal that is safe for the bird and that you can eat.

, For example, “This is so good!” Of course, your bird will not understand the words but can understand your tone and demeanor.

If your bird won’t eat, try 100% apple juice. Pour a small amount into a shallow bowl and invite your bird to have a taste. The smell of the juice should be enough to attract the bird.

, This will take time, but within two months, your bird should be on its way of trusting you. You’ll know you’ve done it right if your bird squawks anytime you leave the room.

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