How to Socialize a Lory or Lorikeet



Place the bird’s cage near you.,
Talk to your bird.,
Offer the bird food.,
Avoid sudden movements at first.,
Be patient.

The more time spent with your lory or lorikeet, the better socialized they will become. You have to get your bird used to you and other people. Put the cage somewhere where your bird can see you and others so they can get used to you.Sit close to the cage or walk by it throughout the day. Let them realize you are not a threat by becoming part of their environment.;
, Interact with your bird by talking to them. Whenever you enter the room or walk by their cage, speak to them. Talk to them in different tones of voice to rouse their curiosity. You can even try singing to them to get them used to you.Do this multiple times each day.

, You can try to build the trust between you and your lory or lorikeet by sharing food. Birds often feed each other, so offering the bird food can help establish that trust and relationship. Try feeding them different foods so they can stay curious and learn to trust you., When you first get your lori or lorikeet, avoid any sudden movements or loud sounds. They are prey birds, so they may see that as a threat. Whenever you are around them, move slowly in a controlled manner. Eventually, the bird will get used to you.For example, don’t reach towards the bird quickly or run over to the cage. Instead, move in a calm manner past the cage, or reach into the cage in a controlled way.

, Not all birds will become socialized and accept you at the same rate. Some birds have traumatic events in their past that have made them distrustful to humans. Others may have a difficult personality. Remember to keep interacting with your bird and to stay patient. Eventually, your bird will trust you wholeheartedly.

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