How to Socialize a Lory or Lorikeet



Tell visitors to ignore the bird at first.,
Explain to guests how to approach your lory or lorikeet.,
Allow the bird out of the cage.,
Make visitors act as a human perch.,
Allow the bird to build trust with the person before they move towards it.,
Use tricks to help your bird get used to stepping up to strangers.

As you begin socializing your bird, instruct your visitors to ignore the bird. Many people may want to run up to your lory or lorikeet’s cage to see the bird, but this could reinforce negative associations for your bird. Keep visitors away from the bird for around 10 to 60 minutes.This helps your bird watch the people and determine they are not a threat.
Tell your visitors, “I can introduce you to my lorikeet soon, but for now we need to ignore them while they get used to new people.”

, Your bird has a very specific way it needs to be approached. Especially if you are teaching it how to be social, you need to make sure everyone handles your bird in the correct way. This helps provide positive associations for your bird with strangers.Go through the steps on how to handle the bird, including how to pet it. If your bird will allow it, demonstrate with the bird.
Explain to your guests that the bird is not a dog, cat, or child, and they cannot treat it like most pets.

, After your guests have been in your home for a period of time, you can let your lory or lorikeet out of their cage. Make sure that the guests do not approach the bird, but that the bird approaches when they feel comfortable. This helps the bird retain control and feel out the situation.Explain to your guests, “Don’t approach the bird, but allow the bird to come to you. It’ll take a few minutes to feel comfortable, but then it will get curious.”

, When your lory or lorikeet is getting used to people, have people only let the bird perch on them. Don’t let visitors put their arm out towards the bird because this could spook or upset the bird. Letting unfamiliar people make motions towards the bird can cause them to mistrust strangers.Tell your visitors that they should remain still and not interact with the bird if they decide to land on them. They shouldn’t pet or touch the bird while they’re perching on them.

, No one should ever move towards a lory or lorikeet before they build trust. This trust can be established by letting the bird use them as a human perch, or by being around the bird and letting them get used to the person., You should already have your lory or lorikeet trained before socializing them, so you can use this training to get them used to people. After the bird gets used to a person, you can give the person treats. Have the person cue a trick, and then to receive the treat, the bird has to step up onto the arm.After the bird gets used to this, then have the bird step up onto the visitor’s arm before they get the treat.

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