How to Socialize a Lory or Lorikeet



Play with your bird regularly.,
Play instructional games with your bird.,
React positively to behavior problems.

Spending time with your lory or lorikeet and playing with them daily helps to socialize them. Use toys and different games to amuse them. You also may bring them with you into different rooms throughout the day.For example, you may pull toys out of their cage and play with them with your bird. You can also put an empty box on the floor with something inside they can chew, and then gently tap the box with something until you finally place it in their view. You can also try playing peek-a-boo with a toy.
Lories and lorikeets love just about every kind of toys. They love foot toys, balls, cardboard boxes or rolls, and toys that make noise. You can use just about anything to play with your bird.
Take the lory or lorikeet into the bathroom with you when you’re grooming yourself, or bring them in the living room. Just don’t take them into the kitchen because kitchen fumes can be harmful to birds.

, Playing games is important to keep your lory or lorikeet happy and healthy, but it can also help socialize them. Instructional games are particularly important because it helps tame your bird, build trust, and let them know that you are the one who can guide them.For example, you can teach your parrot to get your attention through spreading their wings instead of screaming at you. Whenever they spread their wings, spread your arms and say “Eagle pose!” Practicing this over and over will show your parrot this positive behavior.
You can also try to teach the bird how to slap your hand with their foot using a verbal cue.
Give the lory or lorikeet a lot of praise and treats when they perform a new behavior learned in your instructional games.

, You may unknowingly reinforce negative behavior by the way you react to behavior problems like screaming and aggression. If you scream at a screaming bird, you are giving it positive reinforcement, just as you are positively reinforcing biting behavior by getting angry. Try to react calmly and positively to get the behavior you want.Most negative behaviors happen when your bird is upset. Walk away from your bird and calm down before interacting. This also gives your bird time to calm down. Approach them later more calmly.

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