How to Sleep with a Ruptured Disc



Sleep on a firm mattress to support your spine.,
Consider an adjustable bed to alleviate pressure on your spine.,
Try sleeping in a reclining chair to relieve pressure.,
Use a pillow with cervical support to keep your neck in a neutral position.,
Place a pillow between your knees to relieve spinal pressure.,
Elevate your knees or feet with a pillow to relieve pressure on your spine.

A mattress that is medium-firm will allow your spine to settle into a neutral position as you sleep. If you have a ruptured disc, you might want to stay away from an extra firm mattress. An extra firm mattress can be too firm, causing additional pressure on your spine.Avoid pillow top mattresses and materials like memory foam, which tend to be too soft for those suffering from a herniated disc.

, For many people suffering from a ruptured disc, lying down is a painful experience. If you find lying flat to be too painful, consider sleeping in an adjustable bed. An adjustable bed can be adjusted to prop you up, possibly alleviating pressure and pain on your spine.If you have trouble adjusting to an adjustable bed, try sleeping in the adjustable bed for at least a few hours each night. Increase the amount of hours spent in the adjustable bed as you become more comfortable with it.

, A chair that reclines can be a good place to sleep if you are suffering from a ruptured, or herniated, disc. Since a reclining chair props you up, it can help relieve some of the pressure on your lower spine. If you find other sleeping positions uncomfortable, try a chair that reclines.If you still want to sleep in the same room as your spouse or partner, try moving a reclining chair into the bedroom.

, A pillow that is designed to support your neck, also known as a pillow with cervical support, allows your neck to rest in a neutral position. This helps mitigate spinal stress in other areas, like your back., If you sleep on your side, consider sleeping with a pillow between your knees. This can add comfort and relive some pressure from your spine.Try using a small pillow made of memory foam, which will shape itself to the contours of your body.

, If you are sleeping on your back, try elevating your feet or knees with a medium-sized pillow to relieve pressure on your ruptured disc. Place a pillow under your knees as you lie on your back.You can also elevate your feet by placing one or more pillows under your heels.

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