How to Sleep While Having Diarrhea



Stay hydrated.,
Avoid caffeine.,
Don’t eat a heavy supper.,
Eat bland foods.,
Replenish your gut bacteria.

You lose water and electrolytes when you have diarrhea. The symptoms of dehydration, such as thirst, headaches and nausea are uncomfortable enough that they alone will make it harder to sleep. Stay hydrated by drinking, not just water, but also fluids with electrolytes. This includes both sugary and salty fluids such as:Fruit juices. Fruit juice may make diarrhea worse in children. If your child prefers juice, try diluting it with water.
Sports drinks
Decaffeinated sodas. Fizzy drinks may aggravate diarrhea in children.
Oral rehydration solutions such as Pedialyte, Naturalyte, Infalyte, and CeraLyte. These are given to children. Consult with your doctor or pharmacist to determine the correct dosage for your child. Read and follow the instructions on the packaging. If you are breastfeeding a child with diarrhea continue doing it as usual.

, Not only will it keep you up at night, but it may stimulate your bowels and make your diarrhea worse. Beverages and foods with caffeine include:Coffee
Black or green teas
Many sodas
Many energy drinks

, Foods that are difficult to digest are more likely to aggravate your diarrhea and cause you to have to run to the bathroom at night. Foods to avoid include:Greasy or fatty foods. This includes a lot of fast food like fries, donuts, oily pizza, and fried and breaded meats and vegetables.
Spicy foods. Some people find that spicy or heavily seasoned foods are more likely to upset their digestion. Even if you really enjoy cooking with spices, try leaving them out until you feel better.
High-fiber foods. High-fiber foods include whole-grain bread, whole-wheat breads and pasta, bran, and whole-grain cereals.
Cut down on milk products. Both adults and children may have difficulty digesting milk during or after a case of diarrhea. It takes some children over a month to be able to digest milk after having diarrhea.

, Eating bland foods will help to settle your stomach while you have diarrhea and prevent it from becoming worse. Good foods to try include:Bananas
White rice with no sauce or seasoning
Boiled potatoes
Boiled carrots
Baked chicken with the fat and skin removed
Plain toast

, A healthy community of gut bacteria is necessary for proper digestion and can help reduce diarrhea. This method may benefit you if your diarrhea is a result of a recent course of antibiotic medications. Two ways of balancing your gut bacteria include:Eating live culture yogurt. The yogurt contains bacteria that aid digestion.
Taking probiotics. Probiotics are available as supplements which contain bacteria that are similar to those that are found in a healthy digestive tract. These bacteria aid the breakdown of food. Contact your doctor before starting probiotic supplements to be sure that they will be safe for you.

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